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NZDRA encourage all racers to share the benefits of safety equipment to help maintain a safe environment for all competitors supporters and spectators.

There should never be a competitive advantage gained by safety equipment so there should be no restriction to share this information with each other.

If you have equipment that works well, can get discounts by bulk purchase, wanting to promote an item or let anyone know about equipment failures then this is where we can help keep everyone informed.

Please send details to NZDRA

Safety Alerts

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Helmets      Helmet

This is just a reminder that HANSbrand head & neck restraints can now be inspected and recertified in New Zealand by Racetech.

For further information regarding the availability of this service, please go to this website: http://www.racetech.co.nz/shop/SFI-recertification

Best regards,

Motorsports Manager

SFI Foundation, Inc.

Added 5.5.2013



Please be advised that inspection and recertification of head and neck restraint devices certified to SFI Quality Assurance Specification 38.1, manufactured and / or sold by Simpson Race Products under the brand names Simpson and Safety Solutions, can now be conducted by Simpson Safety Australia.  Their contact information is:


P O. BOX 91





PHONE:  (612) 9545 6662

E-MAIL:  sales@simpsonraceproducts.com.au.

INTERNET:  http://www.simpsonraceproducts.com.au

You may want to make your participants aware of the availability of this service.

Best regards,


Motorsports Manager

SFI Foundation, Inc.

 UPDATED 08.05.19

Fake Simpson Hybrid Pro devices



New Data added 13.8.2014


LEATT® MRX SAFETY BULLETIN HEAD & NECK RESTRAINT SYSTEM (HANS) ONLY August 2014 TO: All LEATT MRX Distributors, Dealers and Consumers FROM: Leatt Corporation, Cape Town, SA PRODUCT: Leatt MRX Head & Neck Restraint System (HANS) only Leatt Corporation’s quality assurance procedures identified a materials flaw in our Head and Neck Restraint System (“MRX”) used exclusively in auto racing. The device can crack unexpectedly.


 STOP using your MRX device. No other product is affected.

 CONTACT your point of purchase to return your MRX device for a replacement, refund or credit.


 STOP selling MRX devices. No other product is affected.

 CONTACT all MRX device purchasers and communicate the contents of this bulletin.

 ASK all MRX device purchasers to return the device to you for a replacement, refund or a credit. No other product is eligible.

 RETURN all MRX devices in stock as well as those returned from consumers to your distributor for a credit.


 STOP selling MRX devices. No other product is affected.

 CONTACT all MRX device purchasers and communicate the contents of this bulletin.

 ASK all MRX device purchasers to return the brace to you for replacement or, if requested, a refund. No other product is eligible.

 REMOVE the Leatt serial number sticker and SFI sticker from all returned MRX devices, as well as MRX devices in your stock, scan the Leatt serial number stickers, and email them to Edith Wolmarans: edith@leatt.com or fax to: +27-21 55 77 381. Attention Edith.

 DESTROY all MRX devices returned by dealers and consumer as well as those in your stock by cutting the chassis in half.


 CREDIT distributors account for all MRX device serial number stickers returned via email or fax, or

 SUPPLY replacement MRX devices as quickly as manufacturing and quality assurance allows. We apologize for the inconvenience, but safety and quality remain our priorities.

 Seat position added 29/08/2021

Added 8.2.2015

Dear Sanctioning Body Official:

The SFI Foundation, Inc. has just been made aware of the existence of a counterfeit Head & Neck Restraint System that could pose a significant danger to those who purchase and use these products.  For complete information regarding this matter, please click on either of the following links:



Should you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to contact the SFI office.



Motorsports Manager

SFI Foundation, Inc.


helmet restraint
Neck brace     neck brace
Hoods      Fire hood

 New Alert 24.05.17


An addition to MSNZ E-Flag message.

We just uncovered a Trademe and web seller based in Tauranga who also has an Australian Trademe account selling counterfeit Sparco and OMP Race suits, boots, gloves and balaclavas. Sparco Italy have confirmed these are indeed fakes. At $200-$250 cheaper than authentic models available here in NZ they seem too good to be true.

The attached suits have been sold to a lot of unsuspecting buyers and fail to have on them the FIA silver holographic label which is compulsory for any FIA approved suit manufactured after January 1st, 2013. To make matters even worse this seller who appears to have these suits made to order from China even though the fake origin label say Tunisia, has made these suits with a polyester eyelet or mesh lining which is highly flammable and not allowed under FIA 8856-2000 rules. If this suit was in a fire the results would be catastrophic to the user.

How to tell if your suit is a fake:

1. If the rear of the collar carries a FIA 8856-2000 label and is manufactured after January 1, 2013, it must carry a silver holographic FIA label inside the zipper flap area and this label has a unique serial number. This label must only be in this position.
2. These Sparco suits advertised and shown in the adverts aren’t the same suits being supplied to the customers. The seller is misleading the buyer. Please also note that no where in the description does the seller mention they are Sparco so this tells a story. Only the photos and the counterfeit suits have Sparco on them.
3. FIA 8856-2000 race suits don’t have K labels inside the zipper flap area, these are very old pre 2000 kart suit labelling, not now used by CIK FIA approved kart suits.

Examples of these fake suits being sold.



Images of these suits are attached and show:

1. Image 1 clearly shows polyester mesh or eyelet lining which can’t be used in an Auto suit.
2. Image 2 shows a size label inserted into the neck which is not allowed unless it is a fire retardant label.
3. Image 3 shows a K label as well as a EN compliance. The K part of this label refers to Karting which has been expired for some time. The EN compliance has nothing to do with FIA 8856-2000 auto racing suits.
4. Image 4 shows the FIA 8856-2000 embroidered label. While the counterfeiter has done an average job to replicate this label, the number on the back is the wrong model number for this suit. RS245.13 is an old model Sprint suit and has been superseded by RS287.16. No RS245.13 suits have been manufactured by Sparco in 2017.

If you have one of these suits, please contact the seller for a full refund and report him to Trademe. The seller hasn’t been very forthcoming on questions relating to the authenticity of these suits so if you don’t have any luck either contact an authorised reseller or us and we will send you all his contact details.

We as an industry are over these low life scum bags selling counterfeit lifesaving safety apparel and have instigated change in the way these items are sold. This is not the shirt off your back that you wear out or the shoes you wear to work. There are a number of back yard resellers in NZ that have been found out selling counterfeit or modified safety apparel that is not approved for a financial gain. You the unsuspecting buyer need to understand that safety comes at a price and if you think the price is too much in NZ then go and buy from another approved reseller in another region, don’t buy something that is $200 cheaper than an identical product here and find out later it is actually fake and could kill you.

Feel free to contact us at Chicane Racewear on sales@chicane.co.nz or 0800 CHICANE for further information or help on this matter.

Safe Racing.

 OverallOverall PantsOverall top
Boots/shoes     bootsshoes
Eye protection      glasses
Hearing protection      muffsplugs
Chutes   A reminder that rule 5.60 has changed and all racers who use parachutes must remove the pin before entering into the staging and prior to burnouts. the intention of this rule change is to ensure the chute is active and ready during burnouts and approaching the line, defence against mechanical failures should the car launch unexpectidly.  chuteschute pin
Gloves      Glove
Tyres      tyre







New Alert 27.04.2016

April 27, 2016
Notice of Recall: Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon.
To All Racers, Sanctioning Body Officials, Equipment Wholesalers and Retailers,
Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon have been found to be non-compliant with SFI Specification 16.1. All camlock type Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon must be immediately be removed from service and returned to Ruian Dragon.
This recall includes Driver Restraint Assemblies Manufactured and Certified to SFI Specification 16.1 by Ruian Dragon, and sold under the “TANAKA” brand.
Ruian Dragon Auto Parts Co.,Ltd
Buliding 1, No.2 South Development Zone, Economic Development Zone
Feiyun Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang, China


 New Alert added 21.11.2014

Hi All,

It’s that time again where some low life’s are making it hard for us people who sleep straight in bed at night.

Enclosed is the notices of removals etc for Zeal race suits sold here by Vortex Racewear (unaware of anyone else selling this brand) Power on Racewear UK (unaware of any suits in NZ) and Impact Racing USA (sold by Racer Products/Autoquip), along with other product removals and warnings for other suits and neck restraints.

Some of the above suits are being allowed to be used at club level by MSNZ, an decision I am strongly refuting and I have asked MSNZ to advise every license holder in NZ that these suits have been removed from the FIA and SFI lists and are ultimately not fit for the purpose they were bought for.

Not only is this a problem in itself, a few resellers around the place are having a field day heat bonding prints onto suits as well as embroidering through the entire garment which is not allowed. These people are effecting sales from you and I and given they have no facility to do these forms of correct decoration to a suit are pushing people to do this the incorrect way.

We need to inform customers that if these items are cheap, there is a reason for this and there are safety reasons and rules why you can’t glue logos to a suit or embroider through all layers.

Below is info regarding the counterfeit belt issue in which Sparco, Sabelt and Takata belts that were being offered from China.

It appears there are people greedy enough here who have no regard for the safety of others will offer these products and services to the unassuming customer.

Details and photos


Regards, Shane Drake

Chicane Racewear

Unit K, Cain Park, 27B Cain Road Penrose 1061

PO Box 112079 Penrose 1642


New Zealand

Ph: 64 9 5800 552

Fax: 64 9 5800 561

NZ Mobile: 64 274 739 406

NZ Free Phone: 0800 CHICANE (244226)

AU Free Phone: 1800 CHICANE (244226)

Skype: shane.drake


New Alert 24.05.17

Recall - Corbeau seat belts





     engine diaper


  Manifold Blankets


     Fire extinguisher

 Spill kits

     spill kit





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