Any current member can Propose or Second for positions and awards.


Please send in your nomination on the Official NZDRA Nomination Form.


Nominations can be posted to

PO Box 72 Otaki 5542 New Zealand

Or emailed to

CRITERIA - Some criteria to consider to help you make your choice for nominees

NZDRA Helpers recognition: Any person you consider has been helpful to NZDRA in any way that deserves recognition.

Crew Chief Award: The Crew Chief whether on your team or not that you consider to work hard and get results

Best Crew: The nominees of this award can be because you consider them to be the most organised, the most helpful to their driver and perhaps other teams etc

NZDRA Award of Merit: This nominee will be someone who you want to recognise for their outstanding contribution to the sport of drag racing.  This nominee is generally someone that has been in the sport for some years but is not necessarily a driver or crew member

Life Member: The nominees for Life Member is someone that has given to the sport of dragracing and NZDRA selflessly and generously, always having the best interest of NZDRA at the forefront of anything they do to do with drag racing.  A reliable and committed member of our Association

Sportsman/Woman of the year:  The Nominee of this award can be any person you consider to be a great ambassador for NZDRA and our sport.