Ferry Crossings

Discount Ferry crossings to the Nelson event are available to NZDRA members by calling Tony Hirst of International Motorsport on 021 726 711.

A rate card can be found at the end of this news letter.

Event entry

Please pre enter where permitted as it helps entry staff and racing on the day.

Racers are asked to fill in event entry (and licence paperwork) completely; we wish to put as much info into our racing system as possible to aid the control staff and announcers at race meetings. The most important information is your race number and your name! Don’t laugh, we received many without this information, also racers particularly Bike racers need to read the rule book and understand what class they wish to run in and use the correct designation on their vehicle/ bike, please use the rule book for a reference as to the letters and their orientation.


We will attempt to help racers understand the system structure:

A Class is within a Division, that is; AA/DB, A/DB, BB/DB etc are classes within a Division called Drag Bike just as A/TS, BB/TS, C/TS etc are Classes within the Division of Top Street.

When a number of Divisions are run together they make a Category. In the Bike example, Drag Bike is a Division, Altered Bike is a Division as is the new V Rod Division, these Divisions run together in a Category called Competition Bike.

In the car example above the Top Street Division run together with the Sport Compact Division make the Super Stock Category.

In some instances like Top Alcohol, Top Doorslammer and Modified Bike the Division is also the Category. Hope this helps you understand how racers compete together.

Remember when you fill in your entry/ licence form please use the correct class of your vehicle and the Category/ Division you wish to race in.


National Series Points

Racers are reminded points are allocated as per the rule book, that is 20 points for entry (must complete one qualifying pass),

20 bonus points are awarded for the first inter-island event attended.

There are then 20 points awarded for each round contested from the eight finals.


Day affiliated racers are not allocated points unless a sportsman licence is applied for (you must be a NZDRA member to be eligible to contest the series. Once applied for their day affiliation number will be replaced with a NZDRA allocated competition number. If a Sportsman licence is applied for before the next event attended the previous round points will be awarded to that competitor.


Rule Submissions

Racers are reminded rule submissions must be submitted by 1st February.

Please state your name, competition number and the reason for the rule change or amendment.

A reminder to Top Street competitors that a revision of your class regulations is needed, particularly in the area of automatic transmission weight breaks/ clarification and gasoline weight breaks.

It is your Division so have your say how you race in it.

Ferry Rate Card