28th November 2015          Super Street Nationals (street cars only)   Tokoroa

5&6 December 2015           Central Nationals                              Masterton

27 & 28 December 2015     Summer Nationals                            Taupo

6th February 2016 (TBC)    Regional Points round (Class 2,3 and 4)        Motueka

19 & 20 March 2016           NZ Nationals                                    Taupo


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Press Release May 2015


 Press Release May 2015


The board and supporting members have worked tirelessly to reunite the sport of drag racing in NZ, but as previously informed MDI have declined to reunite with NZDRA after a long detailed process to bring the two sanctioning bodies together.  MDI advise us that their decision is based on their best interests to stay with IHRA.  This decision was made despite all parts of the Heads of Agreement being achieved and on time.


While this result is extremely disappointing, the remaining 6 tracks remain sanctioned with NZDRA allowing the association to build a national series to provide a competitive racing environment for NZDRA members.


The board will be working with all NZDRA promoters throughout NZ as we plan the future years. A national series is an integral part of our racing calendar and confirmation of this will be available by the 30th June, along with race dates set by the tracks.


Currently NZDRA are in a sound financial position that allows the actions that have been delayed through the last few years to now be implemented, such as training for inspectors, rule books to be printed, cost savings shared through fee reductions and auditing and business procedures to be developed to run a professional sanctioning body.


The board elections are now open with a high calibre of nominations for members to choose from. This will ensure a fresh approach from the board to take the sport forward without disruptions of reunification constraints.


We will be holding a series of Drivers/Members meetings in strategic areas leading up to the start of the 2015/16 season.


With the ongoing support of the NZDRA membership we will see the sport of drag racing continue to grow in New Zealand.




Ken Galvin has advised that he will not bethe promoter for meetings at Taupo this season.  NZDRA have secured two dates for the coming season and are in negotiations with a team/promoter to run these two meetingsand future meetings.
There has been an error in the latest alteration to our constitution lodged at the Companies Office.  Clause 9.2 (a) and has now been deleted and registered at the Societies office.



Masterton Photos April 2015

Photos Kindley provided by John Faulkner

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Joint News Release

NZDRA, Meremere Dragway Inc and Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club are very pleased to announce to all our mutual members that a Heads of Agreement has been signedsubject to the NZDRA making certain changes by 30 April 2015,  that a reunification of our sport is on schedule for 1 May 2015.

This is as a result of a lot of hard work by members of the NZDRA and Meremere Dragway Inc/Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club boards over the past two years to come to an agreement that is greatly beneficial to the sport of drag racing whilst being mutually beneficial to all involved.

It will start with a joint points series at the Spring Nationals at Meremere on the 29th & 30th November 2014 and another at Ruapuna Raceway hosted by Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club on the 25th January 2015.

The 2015/16 season will see us competing as one entity allowing for a great National points series to be held at many tracks around New Zealand. The NZ Nationals will once again be held at Meremere in 2016 with the final points round being held at Masterton Motorplex.

Licencing for the 2015/16 season will be business as usual for the current NZDRA licence holders with the IHRA licence holders completing a transfer of licence form (if their licence has not expired) free of charge until their expiry date of their IHRA licence. Those IHRA licence holders that have expiring licences as at 30 June 2015 will apply using the current NZDRA on line form.

If an IHRA licence holder wishes to compete at a NZDRA sanctioned event this season they can simply complete a transfer of licence form free of charge and if applicable have their vehicle tech inspected by NZDRA.

We, Meremere Dragway Inc, Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club and NZDRA are sure you will all join us with a positive attitude and your full support for a united future.

Kind regards

The Board                                                The Board                        The Committee

Meremere Dragway Inc                        NZDRA                                    Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club

NZ Champions

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News Release
Online Licencing

The uptake of licencing online is exceeding our expectations. Although there have been a few minor issues we are pleased that, overall this has been a positive step.

National Series

The National Series Calendar which has been released incorporates rounds to be held at Meremere and Ruapuna. A number of Racers have enquired about how the points will be allocated and after completing a group survey among our members, it has been decided to allocate points as per the rule book.

Clash of Dates: Taupo / Masterton

Firstly, the Board wish to be clear that having two events on the same date is not ideal. That said, NZDRA does NOT select or set event dates. We endeavour to build a National Points Series within the dates supplied by the Promoters.

The 3rd January 2015 date was booked in advance at Taupo in October 2013 albeit there was no confirmed Promoter. MMP was informed of the booking and declared openly that they would run on that date regardless. Both the MMP and Taupo Promoters have been informed and the NZDRA National Points round at Taupo has been shifted to the December 28th meeting to enable Racers to choose their meeting fairly.

Going forward, ALL Track Promoters must meet and ratify the following seasons dates at a Track Committee Meeting no later than 30th May of the preceding season. This committee meeting is only facilitated NOT ruled on by NZDRA.

NZDRA Administration

The Board wish to thank you all for your help and assistance in understanding that the Association now operates with a part time Administrator (Monique Duckett) backed up by the Directors each carrying greater responsibility. If there is something we have missed or misunderstood, please be considerate and contact us in the appropriate manner to enable the correct outcome for all.


The current rulebook is available for you on our website under the Technical tab.  We encourage all members to check it out and in particular, any new rules that may apply to your class.

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