NZDRA Admin Timeline

Time Line Meeting                     2014 / 2015
1st February Rule Submission cut off date To be considered in the next rule book


NZDRA Board Meeting.
 Board meeting
March Rules Committee Meeting


Contact - Monique Duckett

Discuss rule submissions and rule amendments

1st April (Bi annually, each odd numbered year) Drivers Rep nominations called Nominations by email
1st April Board Member nominations called Nominations by email
1st April Remits for AGM from Members Remits by email
1st May 2014 (Bi annually, eqch odd numbered year) Drivers Rep voting open Voting on line
1st May Board member voting open Voting on line.


NZDRA Board Meeting. Final board meeting before the AGM
5th May Remits and Agenda to Members Posting any remits on web
May Track Committee meeting

Confirm race dates for the new season

Elect Track committee board rep and NZ national rep for the ensuing year

9th June New Drivers Reps announced Web site announcement
9th June New Board members announced Web site announcement



Annual Awards and Season Launch

New Zealand Champions recognised.

Launch New Season formats


(Saturday morning)

NZDRA AGM All Members NZDRA  Annual General Meeting
August Track Committee Meeting Finalising details for upcoming season.


NZDRA Board Meeting. Confirming Strategic plan, Budgets and annual business plan.
October Track Committee Meeting TBC


NZDRA Board Meeting. Final Board meeting for year and pre season opener